Product Code: VEAGM60-VEAGM220
Manufacturer: Vetus
Ship Weight: 20.00kg
* Amp hours:
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VETUS part no. VEAGM60 to VEAGM220

AGM Absorbed Glass Mat does not contain any free liquid

With a high cold cranking amperage: these are a genuine multi purpose battery

Engine starting and domestic use, typical lifespan 7-10 years, 375 cycles at 80% discharge

AGM, lead calcium VRLA  Valve Regulated Lead Acid, install vertically , max angle in use 55o self discharge 3%/month

All Vetus batteries are manufactured in the EU and are designed for use onboard pleasure craft. the design takes into account the varying demands on a battery. During the winter months the battery will generally remain unused for a considerable period of time often without being recharged, therefore Vetus batteries have a minimal rate of self discharge (approx 3%/month) and can still be relied on to start the engine in the following spring

During the boating season the battery must be able to supply a small constant load and also heavy but short loads such as use of bow thruster

All Vetus batteries are supplied with SAE tapered Positive & Negative terminals

Vetus batteries are filled and ready charged So..........unpack,install and forget

spec' 60Ah 530CCA 242mm x 175mm x 119mm 16.5kG 70Ah 680CCA 278mm x 175mm x 190mm 19.3kG 90Ah 800CCA 353mm x 175mm x 190mm 25.2kG 100Ah 760CCA 345mm x 175mm x 230mm 29.2kG 140Ah 1100CCA 513mm x 189mm x 223mm 41.8kG 170Ah 1300CCA 513mm x 223mm x 223mm 49.0kG 200Ah 1400CCA 518mm x 274mm x 242mm 57.4kG 220Ah 1500CCA 518mm x 274mm x 242mm 60kG

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